Vocational Camp

Vocational camp was located near the sea side, into the amazing nature. 30 children were taking part of the camp, where the enviroment was informal, full of sport , music, art activities, full of individual and team activities (interaction seminars, forum, role activities and etc.)

The educational program ‚Äúprofessional selfdetermination/in orientation‚ÄĚ was organized by the Vocational Camp. The head maneger of turism was hosted by this program.

New Project _New Chance _ New Life

Support of Adults and Youth Outgoing (from 17-year-old) Or Already-Went from State Care

The project aims to support 17-18-year-old young people outgoing or already-went from state care in order to receive formal and informal education; and support them for work and independent life in the direction of vocational orientation; an support their healthy integration into society and development of mentor program.


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